Speech Pathologist


Nicole completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology), Trained in Hanen, It Takes Two To Talk, Sounds-Write Practitioner, Professional Member of SPELD NSW


She has more than 21 years of experience working with both paediatric and adult clients, in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, schools, preschools and via videoconference.

Areas of expertise:

She specialises in;

  • Literacy
  • Early Language
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Adult Brain Injury Speech
  • Stuttering
  • Adult Brain Injury (not swallowing)
Treatment Modalities:

Nicole is trained in, “It Takes Two to Talk”, The Hanen Program for Parents, as well as, Sounds-Write, which is a high quality, evidenced based phonics program for teaching reading and spelling. Talk for Writing,  Lidcombe Program, Motivational Interviewing.

Provide Services To:

Age group 1-15

Little about me

Nicole is passionate about helping others achieve their communication goals and particularly enjoys coaching parents so that they can be empowered to help build their child’s communication skills.

Years of experience: 21