Art Therapy


Nina is a registered Creative Art Therapist with ANZACATA. She has achieved her Master’s degree in Therapeutic Arts Practice with a specialization in Therapy from MIECAT Inc.


With five years of clinical art therapy expertise, Nina specializes in the MIECAT form of inquiry and employs a multi-modal forming approach to foster safety, trust, and companionship with clients. Her experience includes a one-year internship at Arts Project Australia, where she collaborated with NDIS artists, developing tailored art therapy activities for individual and group sessions based on the artists’ unique needs. Additionally, Nina has extended her practice to online sessions, serving as a creative art therapist to provide support for women and children navigating trauma and mental health challenges in Australia, Taiwan and Japan.

Areas of expertise:
  • Spirituality wellbeing
  • Emotional regulation
  • Mental health challenges
  • Navigating trauma
  • Self-care
  • Relationship building
  • Mindfulness
Treatment Modalities:

Treatment modalities in a wide range of creative mediums, such as drawing, painting, listen to music, body movement, crafting or creativity art-making, etc.

Provide Services To:

Women, Non-binary, Youth, Children, Elders