Dilani completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences and Masters of Physiotherapy at La Trobe University in 2013. She also practices as an optometrist and completed her Bachelor of Vision Science and Master of Optometry at Deakin University in 2018. 


Dilani’s clinical experience includes working with a wide range of clients to develop and maintain good movement, manage chronic pain.

Areas of expertise:

She specialises in autism, coordination issues, abnormal tone, acquired orthopedic injuries and movement disorders like cerebral palsy

Treatment Modalities:

Provide appropriate exercise prescription through an evidence-based approach.

Little about me

Dilani is passionate about helping children reach their potential in a fun and holistic way. When not in the clinic, Dilani loves to travel and practice Pilates.

Mobile Therapy days: Monday to Wednesday & Saturday

Servicing Area: Western Suburbs of Melbourne, Coburg, Essendon, Keilor