How much caffeine is too much?

In the modern world, people experience the busiest lives and deal with the hasty world around them every single day, and caffeine is one crucial intake that offers a required energy boost for us to keep up with the speed. However, understanding the limits of caffeine consumption helps one to maintain balanced and good health, and this blog gives you all the information you need about caffeine intake.

Caffeine Intake Recommendations

It is advised by health experts that the appropriate consumption of caffeine for a healthy adult is upto 400 milligrams per day. This is roughly the amount of caffeine contained in four cups of brewed pure coffee, ten cans of cola or two energy shot drinks. However, tolerance of individuals can vary on one’s body weight, age and overall sensitivity to caffeine.

Recognizing the Symptoms of using Excessive Caffeine

It is evident that consuming a hefty amount of caffeine on a daily basis for a lengthy time period leads to many dangerous side effects in the long term run. Symptoms of over-intake caffeine include an upset stomach, nervousness, restlessness etc. It’s vital to understand and be educated about these symptoms and to reduce the intake if similar side effects occur to you or your loved ones.

Special Considerations

It is advised that certain individuals are firmly asked to limit their caffeine intake. For instance, pregnant women are often asked to maintain their caffeine consumption at less than 200 mg per day. Moreover, individuals with certain medical conditions like anxiety, PTSD or heart problems may need to limit their intake of caffeine, especially to the ones who are sensitive to it.

Caffeine Sources to Watch not sure alot

People often assume that caffeine can only be contained in coffee; however, there is a significant dose of caffeine in other drinks like tea, energy drinks, and supplements that will contribute to it as well. It is vital to have a thorough knowledge of what types of food or drinks u consume on a daily basis can contribute to your caffeine intake.


Moderation is key when it comes to caffeine. Understanding your limits and being informed about ways that can contribute to your caffeine intake helps you avoid any side effects due to a hefty intake. Always keep in mind that it’s best to consult a health professional whenever you experience advanced effects from caffeine.


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