Language for Life Speech Pathology Services have a range of payment methods available to individuals and families, dependant on your circumstances and diagnosis. There are different schedules of fees for services privately funded (including health funds and medicare sessions) and for services accessed by NDIS, Better Start or Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) funding. Services such as those covered by government funding are slightly higher, this is due to the additional administrations cost required to access this funding.

Initial Consultation/Assessment (2*30 minutes sessions)         $90.00 each

Subsequent Consultations (30 minutes sessions)                        $90.00 each

An opinion and feedback in a brief written summary                  $315.00 each *#

Assessment for ASD Opinion (7* 60 minutes sessions)             $630.00 each  

*(Includes 60 minutes consultation, summary report and Intervention plan)

# Prices only applicable for private paying clients.

Better Start & Helping Children with Autism Funded Patients

Initial Consultation/Assessment (60 minutes session)            $220.00 each

Subsequent Consultations (30 minutes session)                         $97.00 each

Subsequent Consultations (60 minutes session)                        $194.00 each       

NDIS Fee Schedule

Speech Pathology & Occupational Therapy for NDIS Participants

National Disability Insurance scheme (NDIS) participants will be charged at the current price as depicted in the NDIS catalogue price guide 2019/2020 (costs will be subject to change with yearly Commonwealth Government review).

NDIA clients will be provided with a Service Agreement Outline of the fees and contract of service.