Our Mission & Values

Our Vision

Language for Life provides an innovative, functional, fun, high quality, specialised family centred service that is accessible to all individuals.

Our Mission

We aim to assist all individuals to reach their fullest potentials and to achieve valued and meaningful goals in a fun, functional, individualised and innovative manner.

Our Values

Language for Life is a proud company with a history of achievement and reputation of providing high quality therapy services in the Wyndham area over 10 years. Our reputation as a provider of high quality therapy services is shared by the key stakeholders we have and currently work with. We believe that by doing what’s right, we can perform to our very best. This means living our values every day of:

We demonstrate professionalism at all times in our actions and interactions with our colleagues, families and within our communities.

• Integrity
We are open, honest and fair. We do what we say we will do. We have the courage to do the right thing.

• Respect
We give everyone a fair go. We listen. We are respectful at all times with our colleagues, families and within the community.

• Working sustainably
We are here for the long term. We look after each other, our clients and key stakeholders involved with our clients to the highest standards. The way that we represent ourselves as a service provider in the community results in our continued reputation presence and sustainability within the community in which we work within.

• Innovative
We find solutions for difficulties encountered by our clients and their key stakeholders. We think outside of the box and provide flexible adaptive solutions that are innovative and individualised.

• Working together
We are on the same team. We build long-term partnerships.

• Discipline
We play by the rules. We set goals and we hold ourselves to account.

• Excellence
We achieve great results. We learn. We get better.