Covid-19 Safe Plan

We are committed to stopping the spread of COVID-19. Our staff are fully vaccinated according to public health requirements. You can also help stop the spread of COVID-19 by doing the following:

Stay home if you are sick. 

You might like to book a telehealth appointment instead.

Adults keep a distance of 1.5 meters

Adults wear a mask

Use the QR code to scan in

Use available hand sanitizer when entering the premises

Let us know when you have arrived for your scheduled appointment.

Then wait outside until you are called in.


Action to mitigate the introduction and spread of COVID-19


Provide and promote hand sanitizer

stations for use on entering building
and other locations in the worksite
and ensure adequate supplies of

Hand sanitizers are located at the Entrance, Reception, Clinic Rooms for all staff
and clients to use.
Posters and signage have been placed in all common areas ensuring all staff and
clients are aware of the processes to wash and sanitize hands as per the Worlds
Health Organization guidelines.
Posters and signage have been placed in all common areas to ensure staff are
aware on ways to limit the spread of germs.

Where possible: enhance airflow by
opening windows and adjusting air

Air conditioners will be switched on at the start of each day at a comfortable
setting to ensure airflow

In areas or workplaces where it is
required, ensure all staff wear a face
covering and/or required PPE, unless
a lawful exception applies. Ensure
adequate face coverings and PPE are
available to staff that do not have
their own.

All staff have been advised via email it is now mandatory in Victoria to wear face
Masks/coverings/face shields. Face masks, gloves and shields are located at

Provide training to staff on the correct
use and disposal of face coverings
and PPE, and on good hygiene
practices and slowing the spread of
coronavirus (COVID-19).

Instructions of the use of face masks have been placed in all common areas for staff to familiarize themselves with the process 

Staff have also received an email on the correct use of face masks

Replace high-touch communal items
with alternatives.

All staff must not share equipment such as phones, computer keyboards, desks,
headsets, offices or any other equipment where possible. In these instances,
shared workstations will be equipped with both surface and hand sanitizers. High surfaces areas will be well cleaned and sanitized daily



Increase environmental cleaning
(including between changes of staff),
ensure high touch surfaces are
cleaned and disinfected regularly (at
least twice daily).

All high touch areas will be cleaned and disinfected daily.
Surface sanitizer wipes are available at the each clinic room and the reception
area for all staff to use when required

Ensure adequate supplies of cleaning
products, including detergent and

The Business has adequate supplies of hand soap, sanitizer, paper towels and
cleaning products for all staff to use if needed.

Supplies of cleaning products and sanitizing products will be monitored and re-
stocked regularly.


Physical distancing and limiting workplace attendance

 Ensure that all staff that can work
 from home, do work from home.

All staff whose roles enable them to work from home will be working from home.
Less than 2/3 of clients will be on site during the stage 4 lockdown period.

Establish a system that ensures staff
members are not working across
multiple settings/work sites.

188 Heaths Road Hoppers Crossing 3029 is the only Business location.

Establish a system to screen
employees and visitors before
accessing the workplace. Employers
cannot require employees to work
when unwell.

Temperature checking measures have been put in place. Staff and Clients will need
to have their temperature taken prior to their work/session.
If temperature readings are 38 degrees and above staff/clients will not be able to attend work and will need to be tested for COVID-19

Configure communal work areas so
that there is no more than one worker
per four square meters of enclosed
workspace, and employees are
spaced at least 1.5m apart. Also
consider installing screens or

Measures have been put in place to ensure that workers have a space of four square meters and are spaced 1.5 meters apart where possible 

Use floor markings to provide
minimum physical distancing guides
between workstations or areas that
are likely to create a congregation of

Working areas have been spread out allowing the 1.5 meters spacing to comply
with social distancing rules.

Modify the alignment of workstations
so that employees do not face one

Social distance measures have been put in place.

Minimize the build up of employees
waiting to enter and exit the

Social distance measures have been put in place.

Provide training to staff on physical
distancing expectations while working
and socializing (e.g. during

Notifications and posters have been placed throughout the building and regular staff meeting reiterates the importance of physical distancing.

Review delivery protocols to limit
contact between delivery drivers and

No signatures are required upon receipt of deliveries only first name required.

Review and update work rosters and
timetables where possible to ensure
temporal as well as physical

All meal breaks have been staggered to enable appropriate social distance.

Where relevant, ensure clear and
visible signage in areas that are open
to the general public that specifies
maximum occupancy of that space, as
determined by the ‘four square meter’

Social distance measures are in place and signage has been placed in all common areas.


Record Keeping

Establish a process to record the attendance of customers, clients, visitors and workplace inspectors, delivery drivers. This information will assist employers to identify close contacts. 

No unauthorized visitors allowed to enter the premises during Covid-19.
A register will be maintained for onsite clients’ sessions through our online clients’ booking system. 

Provide guidance to staff on the effective use of the workplace OHS reporting system (where available). 

Information regarding OHS have been communicated with regular team meeting. 


Preparing your response to a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case

Prepare or update your business
continuity plan to consider the
impacts of an outbreak and potential
closure of the workplace.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is in place in the event of positive Covid 19 case is
reported at the premises.

Prepare to assist DHHS with contact
tracing and providing staff and visitor
records to support contact tracing.

Staff and Client details are readily available via Power Diary and can be accessed by DHHS upon request 

Prepare to undertake cleaning and disinfection at your business premises. Assess whether the workplace or parts of the workplace must be closed.

In the event of a positive Covid-19 case within the premises, staff and authorized visitors will be notified immediately and the workplace will be temporally closed for deep cleaning. Necessary approval from Work safe/Department Health will be obtained prior to employees can return to work.

Prepare for how you will manage a
suspected or confirmed case in an
employee during work hours.

We will communicate with staff members immediately who have been in close contact with the infected staff member.Covid-19 exposed employees infected employees will be instructed as per the DHHS guidelines.

Prepare to notify workforce and site
visitors of a confirmed or suspected

If a staff member tests positive to Covid-19, we will communicate with staff members via telephone and email

Prepare to immediately notify
WorkSafe Victoria on 13 23 60 if you
have a confirmed COVID-19 case at
your workplace.

Admin team will communicate with Work safe if the workplace has a confirmed case of Covid-19

Confirm that your workplace can
safely re-open and workers can return to work.

Once deep cleaning is completed and with Work safe approval employees can safely return to work