Complaints Handling Policy & Procedures


Language for Life Speech Pathology is committed to ensuring that all clients of the service, including family members, carers, and other relevant stakeholders are free to make complaints, to have their grievances dealt with promptly, fairly and co-operatively by Language for Life Speech Pathology. Treatment of complaints will be fair to both the complainant and respondent, will be responded to courteously and will be given high priority for resolution and remediation. Complaints will be resolved closest to the source of the complaint as possible.


Language for Life Speech Pathology will:

• Provide information in appropriate formats on the complaints and feedback policy and procedures for clients and have them easily accessible to clients.

• Ensure all employees and sub-contractors have been provided with a copy of Language for Life Speech Pathology’s Complaints Handling policy as part of their orientation to the service.

• Encourage clients to maintain open lines of communication with their speech pathologist and, if required, the lead speech pathologist and manager of Language for Life Speech Pathology, by inviting opportunities for feedback to be provided on a regular basis.

• Ensure clients are aware of avenues available to them to make complaints, including in person, by phone, email, or other written correspondence.

Lodging a Complaint:

• A complaint may be lodged in person with any of our staff, by phone (0409 177 186), mail or email.

• Complaint correspondence may be addressed to:, or Language for Life Speech Pathology, 188 Heaths Road Hoppers Crossing Vic 3029.

When a complaint is received, Language for Life Speech Pathology will:

• Advise the consumer in writing (within seven working days) that their complaint has been received by the manager of Language for Life Speech Pathology and is being addressed.

• Ensure complaints are investigated in a fair and reasonable manner with both the complainant and respondent to reach resolution, if possible. Resolution of the complaint is sought within ten working days.

• Ensure an electronic confidential record is created for each complaint raised, outlining the actions taken, correspondence entered into and overall summary. A record of complaints will be reported to the service’s funding bodies (as per contractual agreements) if necessary.

• Ensure that all complaints are treated as private and confidential in accordance with the service’s Privacy and Confidentiality Policy.

In the event that the complaint is not able to be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, the manager of Language for Life Speech Pathology will advise the complainant of his or her rights and avenues to take the matter further, including the funding bodies’ complaints management systems.